Parque de la Reina ongoing crime wave

On the grounds that it’s best to be informed, and that we should be realistic about what’s happening here, Parque de la Reina seems to have developed a crime problem over the past several months.

Today’s papers report that a bar in the urbanization has just been robbed for the third time in only a few months, and for the fifth time over the course of the past year. On this occasion, the thieves got away with two slot machines and other goods, valued in total at more than €15,000, as well as €2,000 in cash. The slot machines have now been found, totally destroyed, in a nearby banana plantation.

According to locals, this is one of a continuous series of burglaries in the area, and not just in commercial premises. Residential properties have been targeted too, with thieves breaking in during the night while the owners are asleep in bed. Residents say that the area used to be very peaceful, but it has changed a great deal over the past several months to a year, with the thieves even scaling walls to break into third floor apartments.

Locals say that despite denuncias repeatedly being made to the Policía Local and the Guardia Civil, the robberies have increased. The Police have informed residents that the culprits could be an organized gang that is also carrying out robberies throughout other areas of south Tenerife, but which they have as yet been unable to break up.  El Dia

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