€3,000 fine from this summer for discarding cigarette ends on Arona beaches

Update 14 June 2010: After abandoning plans to ban smoking on Arona beaches, and attempting to distribute ashtrays to smokers instead, the Ayuntamiento has now established a bylaw under which smokers who discard cigarette ends on the municipality’s beaches will incur a fine of up to €3,000. The bylaw is expected to be passed in a month or so, and so will come into force from this summer. RTVC

Original post 25 July 2009: Following the controversial draft bylaw which proposed to ban smoking on Arona beaches, a measure which was finally never approved, the Ayuntamiento has now decided instead to distribute ashtrays on the beaches to avoid the many cigarette ends which dirty the sand. The campaign will start today, and for six consecutive weekends around 5,000 reusable ashtrays will be handed out to those using the beaches.

The Environment Councillor, Antonio Sosa, pointed out that cigarette ends, despite being small, constitute a serious environmental problem for the coastline because they do not biodegrade easily, and contain noxious substances arising from tobacco which, when they come into contact with water, prejudice not only aquatic life, but also the quality of the bathing water.

The campaign will be put into action in the beaches at Las Galletas, Los Enojados, Palm Mar, Los Cristianos, Las Vistas and El Camisón, amongst other places.  Diario de Avisos


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