Devon Arms barman was Los Cristianos heart attack victim

Update 27 October: The Tenerife Forum Delderek has reported HERE that this poor man

was a barman in the Devon Arms, who had worked there for many years, and many other local bars before this, including the Swashbucklers. He was known as Big Dave, and in my opinion was a real Gentleman, and will be sadly missed by a lot of people. It would also appear that his wife and daughter were not allowed into the bar untill 5 in the morning.

Original post 26 October: A 62-year-old man died of a heart attack in the centre of Los Cristianos shortly after midnight last night. The incident is reported as occurring in a bar in Calle Juan XXIII, which is the pedestrian street running from Church Square below and parallel to the main shopping street Avenida Suecia.

Emergency services were called requesting help for the poor man, who had collapsed, but despite their resuscitation efforts they could do nothing for him on arrival other than confirm his death at the scene. Apart from the paramedics and the Policía Local, the National Police were at the scene, which could suggest this was a foreigner. I’ll update if there is any further information on his identity. Cecoes112

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