Man dies after being pulled from water at Playa San Juan

Update 15 August: The man was 53 years old, and was on the beach with his family. It transpires that he was still breathing when he was pulled from the water, but neither fellow bathers, who included a group of doctors and nurses, nor emergency services were able to prevent his death. An autopsy will be conducted on the poor man’s body in order to discover the actual cause of death, which is now suspected to have been due to a heart attack.  LO

Original post 14 August: A man drowned just before 7pm this evening at Playa San Juan. Emergency services were called out after the man was seen floating in the water. He was pulled out of the sea while an ambulance and medical helicopter were sent to the beach, but despite the best efforts of both teams of paramedics, nothing could be done to save his life, and he was confirmed dead at the scene. Cecoes112


  1. Hello i was one of the members of public who attempted to revive the drowning man, the first ambulance team to arrive did not know how to use there defibulator despite my attempts to show them and even show them how it should be done on the graphics of there own equipment the helecopter team fortunatley did know and took over with theie eguipment as soon as they arrived,how ever having said this i dont think the was anything that could be done for the guy right from the start, but maybe some training for the ambulance crews might save some lives in the future??

  2. I would like to express my sympathy to the mans family and for them to know that myself and 3 others bathers including an incredidle spanish lady who did an amazing job giving mouth to mouth worked very hard and did all we could do

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