85% reduction on 2010 IBIs in Santiago del Teide for pensioners and long-term unemployed

Pensioners and the long-term unemployed (more than one year) in the municipality of Santiago del Teide are to receive a discount of up to 85% on their IBIs (rates) from the Ayuntamiento. Those who wish to apply should do so at the municipal Registry of Santiago del Teide or the Alcaldía in Playa la Arena before 14 May.

The maximum amount allowed will be 85% of the amount paid in 2009. The measure is contained in the council’s budget, and forms part of the administration’s policies aimed at alleviating financial pressures in the current economic climate. The one significant criterion seems to be that this help will be available to those whose property in the borough is their usual dwelling.

Further information is also available on the council’s website: www.santiagodelteide.esEl Dia

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