A Christmas and New Year message in English from Tenerife President, Carlos Alonso

Tenerife President Carlos Alonso. Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

A Christmas and New Year message in English from Tenerife President, Carlos Alonso.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a star or a bright light that shines. Every year, around this time, the Star of Bethlehem guides the way that each of us chooses to follow. If we stray off the path, either we stop or go back a few steps – no one will do it for us. Sometimes the light is hidden behind thick clouds, the night turns dark, the road becomes more difficult and we risk falling. But when the sky clears up, the glow becomes even brighter and everything looks much clearer.

In the Cabildo, the clouds over the years have made us tread more carefully: we have had to hold on tight so as not to fall and everyone has pitched in to push forward many projects. It has been a period of economic hardship for many families and for this public administration. Fortunately, we are beginning to see the starry sky again and the way ahead is becoming easier.

In 2016 the Tenerife Government will have the necessary funds to advance steadily. We can invest in people’s needs, promote job creation and undertake major improvements to our roads.

But undoubtedly the most exciting project of this New Year is the one that has to do with the training and preparation of our young people. Tenerife 2030 offers our children the shining stars they need so that each year they will find their way without fear of the dark. Empowering them with the tools of knowledge, it will enable them to face the future without stumbling.

Keeping any eye on those who are our future means not losing sight of our primary responsibility.

May the spirit of Christmas always shine brightly and may the sum of our good intentions become an inspirational light to guide us into the New Year.

Carlos Alonso



  1. Well done Carlos. Thanks.

  2. Well said Janet.

    As a guest, whose Spanish remains regrettably poor, here in Spain I welcome and very much appreciate this Christmas message from Carlos Alonso.

  3. Nice message, merry christmas everyone.

  4. Author

    The repairs you mention are the responsibility of the Ayuntamiento. This Christmas message is nothing to do with Arona. It is from the Cabildo. It is a lovely gesture, offered bilingually for the English-speaking community, and if they see such responses I suspect they will sometimes wonder why they bother.

  5. Better start in Arona county 1st. After 3 months they have only just filled a pothole outside castle harbour that was almost deep enough to bury a body in, and there is another on the opposite side of the road which is going t o be even bigger, maybe they are waiting for someone to die 1st.

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