A cold and wild weekend in Tenerife forecast


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Update 18 February:  The Cabildo has confirmed that the TF21 (via La Orotava) remains closed from La Caldera to the Teleférico. Also closed is the TF24 (via La Esperanza) all the way from the junction with the TF523 (Los Loros-Arafo).

Update 5pm: The Cabildo says that the TF38, Chio-Boca Tauce road is now open to traffic. That’s “officially” open. The Cabildo has asked that people respect signs and official advice, but seemingly quite a few snow seekers have made it up there today. Snow clearing continues, and I’m grateful to Stewart Kirby for the photos above, from earlier today.

Update 17 February: The Cabildo says that the access roads to Teide remain closed to the public for safety reasons because of road conditions, and that two snow ploughs and a JCB are still working to clear them. Conditions are particularly bad in the Izaña area, where snow is 1m high. Various effects of the weather system are still being felt, the Teleférico is closed, for example, and part of La Orotava’s carnaval has had to be postponed, but the authorities have stressed that schools remain open throughout the archipelago.

Morning of 15 February, photo courtesy of the Teleférico
Morning of 15 February. Photo: Teleférico

Update 11am: The Teleférico has released the above photo of current conditions outside its doors, and the Izaña observatory is currently recording -5º.

Update 15 February: Aemet has extended its orange alert for high winds and wild seas to include tomorrow. All access roads to Teide are closed. The public is advised to take extreme caution near the coast where waves of 5-6 metres are expected.  Winds are said to be “near gale”, force 7 on the Beaufort scale, gusting strong to very strong.

Update 3pm: The Dirección General de Seguridad y Emergencias, in accordance with the prediction issued by AEMET, and under the Specific Canary Islands Emergency Plan for risks from abnormal weather situations, has declared a severe weather warning for rain, wild seas, and wind (shown above – click on image to expand), as well as a pre-alert for snow.

Update 14 February: Saturday’s yellow alert has now been raised to orange. Some 30mm an hour are forecast, mainly in the north, and winds strengthening during the day and gusting to 90kmh throughout the island.

Original post 13 February: It’s going to be a cool weekend as the wild weather continues. Aemet says that the storm system over the UK and Ireland, together with an anti-cyclone to the west of the Azores will cause a sharp drop in temperatures here over the weekend as a mass of cold north-westerly air is pushed down to the Canaries. Along with this cold weather – a drop of around 10º is being forecast – there will be wild seas and high winds, the lot resulting in a yellow alert for Saturday. It’s almost certain that Teide will be white again, with snow forecast down to 1,500m. The conditions are set to continue until at least Monday, it seems.


  1. Is it jsut going to be windy? Or cold too?
    I mean RAINY too…

  2. Author

    I only put the alert up for wind, but four have been issued. One for rain, another for wild seas, the one shown for wind, and a prealert for snow above 1,500m. As for the temperature, they say it’s going to be cooooooold …

  3. Not all the roads are closed. We went up the TF38 from Chio and down the TF21 to Vilaflor this morning. Lots of snow around but the road was mostly clear apart from a kilometer away from the T21 junction where there was a drift across the road. But a good few cars had been over it and the car only grounded a little. There were lots of walkers on the TF21 lower down. Mostly walking in the middle of the road! The TF21 was closed to traffic coming up at the picnic area, the place was littered with cars.

  4. Author

    not physically closed, no … I wonder if they’ll ever back up their “roads closed” instructions with physical barriers!

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