A crown for a king that could contain a princely gift thanks to El Corte Inglés hiding presents in their Roscones de Reyes

Photo: Gobcan Turismo.

Everyone knows that the Reyes are the Kings who bring presents to the baby Jesus and to good Spanish children at Epiphany, and many will have seen a very traditional food in the supermarkets for Kings’ Day – the Roscón de Reyes, a ring-shaped enriched dough bun that represents the shape of the Kings’ crowns. The roscones are covered with sticky coloured sweet shapes (the crown jewels!) and filled with sweet cream. This year, however, of the 700,000 roscones sold by El Corte Inglés throughout Spain, 460 have also been filled with gifts including a diamond worth €2,400, 350 diamond pendants in silver chains worth €100, and 12 tickets to the Dominican Republic worth €2,400, as well as various tickets for excursions, shows, and other experiences. One of these shops is in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, so if you are inclined to buy a Roscón anywhere, that’s the place to do it! And since the Kings are coming tomorrow, today is the day to do it!

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