Adeje releases La Pasión with subtitles for Easter to replace passion play cancelled for second year

Updated 3 April: In addition to the exhibition, Adeje Ayuntamiento has released the following video of La Pasión that was performed in 2017 when several new features were introduced, and this one has subtitles in English thanks to my podcaster colleague Clio O’Flynn who works for the council. This took her many hours, so I (and she!) hope you enjoy them. I’ve tried to preset the subtitles to English but if they’re in Spanish for you, just click on the little flower thing on the bottom right of the video box, that is the settings wheel and you can change it there … select “subtitulos” and switch it from “español” to “ingles”.

Original post 22 March: It was cancelled last year, and obviously Adeje’s famous passion play won’t be able to take place this year either, but the council has announced that the Asociación de Belenistas Mayores Adeje has created an exhibition of scenes entitled La Pasión which will be inaugurated in the town’s Plaza de España (where the crucifixion would take place in the real life Pasión) this Thursday 25 March. The council describes it as a new and innovative experience with a series of dioramas representing the Stations of the Cross. In its own way this is akin to the Pascua Florida which Guía de Isora has in its own old town but which has been cancelled this year because it is spread throughout the old streets while Adeje has been able to switch from the play to displays in one particular location.

Dioramas are exactly the sort of thing the Belenistas do at Christmas when they produce the Nativity scenes so we will have an idea what to expect for the Easter message. Certainly we know that there will be a range of scenes representing Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem, Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, Judas’ kiss, Jesus before Pontius Pilate, the flagellation, carrying the cross to Calvary, the meeting with St Veronica, Jesus’ third fall, and Christ’s Crucifixion and death. There’s more information HERE from Adeje Ayuntamiento about this year’s different Pasión.