A few minor changes on JAiT

Update 17 April: In addition to the bargain property available through lawyers, the lawyers now also have an arrangement with an auctioneer. They will put people in contact with her to view properties and deal with bids in any auction itself. Please just contact me initially, and I will put you in touch with the auctioneer directly: she will then make arrangements for you to view any property that might be of interest. Again, as with the distressed properties below, speed and decisiveness are of the essence, and the fact that lawyers are involved at the earliest of stages is a reassurance of safety for potential buyers. The list of properties is on the Bargain Properties page HERE.

Original post 14 February: Some might have noticed already that I’ve done some work rearranging the tabs at the top of the page. I hope the changes mean that things are grouped more sensibly, and under tabs that better describe their menu contents. I took the opportunity because I have added a new page under Property – Bargain property for sale via lawyers. I’ve been asked to make the current list – and future ones (hence the dedicated page) available to English-speaking readers.

As I say on the page itself, the properties listed are what we commonly know as fire sales. They represent incredible bargains, and legality is assured because of the involvement of lawyers from the outset, from before they’re even advertised indeed. If anyone would like further information, please just contact me: these are not my concern, but I’ve agreed to filter enquiries. Both buyers and sellers, and hopefully the local economy itself,  benefit from this sort of thing, so I see no reason not to help.

Mainly, though, I hope the new tabs and their arrrangement make the site easier to navigate, and to find information.

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