A happy new year as the first Canarian baby born in 2015 is from south Tenerife

Update 1 January 2015: And again, a happy story to start the year. Last year, as posted below, the first Canarian baby of 2014 was born in Tenerife to parents from the south of the island. And so it is in 2015, with Sanidad saying that the first baby born in these islands this year was a little boy who was delivered in Candelaria hospital at a quarter to one to parents from south Tenerife. Happy New Year everyone!

Original post 1 January 2014: A happy story to start the year … long may it continue!

The first Canarian baby of 2014 is a little girl from Tenerife. The baby weighed just under 4kg and was born at 00.21 last night in Candelaria hospital. Her parents live in south Tenerife and mum is said to have had an uncomplicated labour and delivery, and together with her daughter, is doing well. Other babies born in the first hour of 2014 were another little girl at 00.43am in Gran Canaria, and back in Tenerife, a little boy in the HUC at 00.48am.

Happy New Year to us all!


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