A message from Grandee O Donnell Irish Bar in the Golf del Sur

We know there are still covid cases in Tenerife, and the cost to businesses has been devastating. Sometimes, even when doing everything right, businesses can be caught up in a maelstrom of fear and rumour, and of covid. And the media does its thing, and social media does the rest … and then it all blows over leaving devastation in its wake, lives in bits, businesses on the floor, while a new subject sees the dreaded spotlight shining on them.

So, Grandee O’Donnell in the Golf del Sur. Did everything right, obeyed all the rules, but got caught up in just such a whirlwind. And the spotlight will move on … but many people will remember the connection of the bar with covid. Well, let’s try to correct that! Below is a message from Sandra O’Flynn, wife of Stef McNeill who owns the bar and the Wild Geese also in the Golf del Sur. Her words speak for themselves.

You may be aware that we had been the centre  of a suspected Covid Outbreak.

I am writing to Inform you that after contacting the officials in the Central Salud and informing them after my husband was tested in a clinic in San Blas where he was told he was positive for Covid 19, we had closed our bar as a precaution and had all our staff tested by the same doctor.

They advised us to self isolate and said that they would contact us in due course, which they did. They confirmed all our details and sent us to San Isidro to be tested. And yesterday, my husband along with almost 30 other people on the Golf del Sur were tested with the official PCR test and this morning the results have come back: my husband and all our staff tested NEGATIVE.

As a result, we will be reopening Grandee O Donnells within the next few days.

It is important to note that these antibody tests that were done in San Blas Square are not considered accurate and the results caused undue stress both to ourselves personally as well as to customers and friends, causing pandemonium on the Golf del Sur.

We would like to thank the department of Health Covid19 helpline,  Central Salud, for their very fast action on this. We feel very safe in the fact that they responded so fast.  And the knowledge that all our efforts that we take in our bar to keep our customers snd staff safe has and will continue to do so have paid off.