A message to readers …

I just need to say that I cannot possibly be expected to post every day “they haven’t yet announced about … ” …  whatever, whether it’s if more people can now go in a car together, when Tenerife will join phase 1, if bathing is allowed, when beaches are reopened … and which ones … 

I post when things do happen or are announced, and so if there is no post, it has not happened … or I don’t know about it. Either way there is absolutely no point in contacting me. If there is news I will post about it, assuming I know about it.

This sort of post usually generates replies like “if you don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen” or “if you don’t want questions quit the website/internet” … or similar, or even worse. For that reason I will close this to comments. I should hope it is self-evident that I am unable to reply to questions asking about a situation where there are no answers, which is usually why I’ve not posted about them, and I will not reply to questions about things where a clear answer has already been given – sometimes umpteen times.

The fact is that we are under a state of emergency, that the situation is fluid and evolving, that the Government is drip-feeding information to the media because the measures it’s introducing are depending hour by hour on the actual situation across the country. The measures are also different region to region because different areas are affected by covid19 differently. Of course it is confusing, but clarity is not achievable right now beyond the information provided. We all have to bear with this, like it or not.

Please just be patient and wait for announcements. This is not to say don’t comment on posts or don’t email me, but it is to say that daft questions, or questions that have already been answered sometimes multiple times, or questions about whether something that has not been posted about has been announced when I post all announcements when they are made … will not be answered. 

I hope everyone understands.