A new travel authorization for visitors to the EU

Posted by Mencey

From 2023 the EU will have ETIAS, a U.S. style electronic travel authorization system for visitors from non-EU countries not considered security risks. Previously, you’ve had visa-free access to the EU and Schengen member countries but no longer because the EU is intent now on policing its borders not just for security reasons but to be prepared for the massive migration that is anticipated in all parts within and outside the continent as the climate emergency worsens as Janet posted in the Collapse Lifeboat post HERE.

Technically ETIAS is a visa waiver rather than a visa, but in addition to the digital screening of travellers entering and leaving EU countries, access to Spain will involve the following for non EU tourists or business visitors to the EU:

  • Additional security checks prior to being allowed to enter the EU because access will no longer be unrestricted
  • A fee
  • Being tracked so as to ensure compliance with rules, including exit requirements (90-day rule)

This does not affect British or other third-country nationals who are legally resident in Spain, but might perhaps be useful for everybody to be aware of it anyway in case they are caught up in the new restrictions that will apply to tourists and other visitors. Full detailed information about the new ETIAS visa waiver is HERE