A rainy and windy weekend in store for Tenerife

Update 13 January: And the calima is back, and with a vengeance. University hospital says it’s been overwhelmed with numbers turning up with breathing problems. Sanidad’s official advice for remaining safe during calimas is as follows:

  • Keep doors and windows closed and avoid going out if suffering from a chronic respiratory conditions
  • Patients on regular medication should be sure to keep taking it
  • Drink lots and avoid dry environments
  • Don’t do physical exercise
  • Anyone who feels ill or finds breathing difficult should see a doctor
  • Since visibility is considerably reduced, drivers should take utmost care, reduce speed, and put the lights on

The calima should start to clear from tomorrow but it will be at least Thursday before the air is clean again.

Photo: Teleférico del Teide
Photo: Teleférico del Teide

Update 10 January: Well in the end it was just for a day, not a weekend – and look what it left behind! The Teleférico, whose picture it is, says that it is closed because of the weather, and the Cabildo has advised drivers that after the Guardia Civil had to rescue some twenty cars from the the TF24 La Esperanza road yesterday evening, it is now is closed because of ice.

Original post 7 January: The calima has gone and now the clouds arrive, and will increase bewteen now and Friday, when they are forecast to bring rain, quite heavy at times, and even the possibility of quite stormy weather in some areas. The north, again, will bear the brunt of it, but there should be rain throughout Tenerife, and along with the rain, there are likely to be strong winds at all altitudes.



  1. Thank You so much that is very helpful Janet. I hope your husband makes a speedy recovery Ann.

  2. My husband in hospital in north in intensive care and I never saw so many people from the south in intensive care with breathing and chest problem, Think it is the changing weather, Freezing in north after six,

  3. Author

    It’s not that it’s wrong, so much, but as a general weather page on the main met office site it’s not much good in my opinion for calimas as such. Far better in this respect is the aemet page HERE. It’s still the main met office, but it’s a dedicated calima page. If you get the flashing triangles then there’s a calima. There are two measuring stations in Tenerife so it’s absolutely accurate for us here.

  4. Could you help please. The last Calima over Xmas this website had ‘suspended dust’ and from memory yellow alert or even orange cannot remember but was not Green. Now at the moment there is no mention of a Calima and it has Green Alert Level. Any help would be appreciated as my wife has bad asthma and I use THIS site to check for Calima’s !
    It the website just wrong and not reliable?
    Thank You.

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