A white Christmas for Tenerife

It was a lovely Christmas Day yesterday, a lovely and very windy Christmas Day yesterday! Blowing a hoolie doesn’t get near it! But after starting around 10pm on Christmas Eve, the wind, bringing a calima as a seasonal gift, strengthened through the night and mercifully calmed down in the afternoon … because we were eating outside and the whole table would have gone if it hadn’t abated! And then last night it started up again, and this morning it’s rained. And now the sun’s out, so all in all we’ve had virtually all possible weather phenomena in the past 24 hours or so! But they’ve left us a snow-covered Teide! Tenerife has a white Christmas. I hope yours was, and still is, all you could hope for it to be this year of all strange years. Thanks again to Peter Meyers for the lovely photo. 


  1. We should have been flying ✈ out this morning but alas when the corridor closed for the canary Isles we cancelled. It was ridiculous we were having to pay for covid tests on Xmas eve at the price of 179 pounds each and also read of all the restrictions when we were to arrive so moved our holiday to june hopefully things will be better God willing before I sign out all have a healthy new year.

  2. Lovely photo of Teide missed are last 3 holidays to Tenerife but hopefully will make it next November been going oto Tenerife for over 30 years just love it over there our second home

  3. Stunning photo of snow capped Teide.
    Our first visit to Tenerife was Christmas 2019 and it was amazing. We were looking forward to returning for this Christmas but sadly Covid put those plans to bed for now. We can only hope and pray things will improve next year and the virus will be under control.
    We are keeping our fingers crossed we will be able to spend Christmas 2021 in Tenerife again.

  4. Thank you Janet for posting this beautiful photo of Teide, we have many just like it taken over the years from our balcony.
    Alas this year we cancelled our flights as we felt safer staying at home where we live in a quiet village in the UK, after staying at home since we arrived back from Tenerife early March only venturing out for food every 3 weeks.
    There are sensible responsible people in the UK who don’t travel during a pandemic and don’t blame people for spreading this terrible pandemic, all countries are to blame for misbehaving not just the British it saddens me to read your news and see Brits blaming other Brits, we love Tenerife and have had an apartment there for over 30 years and have many Canarian friends who we love dearly and also German swallows so please stop blaming the British just because we are honest when we find a different strain,
    Cast your minds back to when it all started in March in Adeje it was an Italian doctor that brought it to the H10 hotel (if the media are to believed knowingly) and sharing it with everyone there, locals, Germans, and of course the British tourists who’s numbers represent the largest arrivals on the islands without who there would be a lot of people out of work.
    Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year

    1. Author

      I think the message is actually “stop moving about” whether you are British, Italian, German, or Outer Mongolian, and whether you’re a doctor, a tourist, or a smurf. There are sensible people everywhere. There are also idiots, everywhere, and it’s becoming clear that there are plenty of people whose hackles rise when they hear “British” because they perceive an insult where none was intended. That is very sad, but to me now, unsurprising.

  5. Today’s weather (Boxing Day 26th 2020) may have ended up with heavy rain, but I was just happy it hadn’t occurred on Christmas Day as My Bar in Tenerife (the Admiral Bar Ocean Park) had Christmas Dinners booked on our terrace, as you can imagine, we narrowly escaped disaster

  6. For once we missed that bad weather, El Poris aka Windy City was calm and warm if a little overcast but no Calima sand and the rain overnight must have come straight down as patio windows were still super clean, thank goodness. No hosing down necessary.
    Wishing a brighter 2021 to anyone who reads this.

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