Activists jump in pool during Loro Parque dolphin show

Three animal rights activists shocked public and staff at Loro Parque this afternoon by jumping in the pool during a dolphin show with placards calling for the park to be closed. The following video has appeared widely in the press and on social media, where public reaction splits along the usual faultline of approval of their action with calls to “empty the tanks” and  even “empty the cages” on the one hand and condemnation on the other, with many arguing that whether or not one agrees with cetaceans in captivity, such actions damage the park and potentially the lives of other species which the Loro Parque Fundación helps protect and, in some cases, save entirely from extinction.

Whichever stance one takes, and it seems that opinion comes down clearly on one side or the other, the activists who jumped into the water succeeded in stopping the show entirely. The dolphins were unharmed, and as the video shows, were protected by the training teams while the audience heckled and jeered at the protesters who eventually left the pool and were escorted away.

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