Adeje’s new car park at the top of town by the Casa Fuerte is open at last!

Photos/Artist impressions: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

Updated 1 March 2019:  I am delighted to report the words of Adeje Ayuntamiento’s Clio O’Flynn: “Excitment galore. The new car park by the Casa Fuerte in Adeje is open.” ! At last!

Original post 12 January 2017: There is some marvellous news for those of us who occasionally find ourselves driving around and around in Adeje town looking for somewhere to park. The mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, and works councillor, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, have outlined some of the projects in the Adeje 2020 plan that will very soon begin to take shape today, including a large underground car park in the centre of Adeje town.  This will see 200 parking places created in a car park just in front of the Fort House (near the canon) as part of an initiative to generate new business in the centre and attract more visitors to the zone.

The mayor said, “This is a project which is designed to benefit those who live in the centre of Adeje, including the historic section, La Postura and Los Olivos.  With this initiative we are meeting an important demand from our residents and, at the same time, reflecting the intrinsic value of the town centre and the existing infrastructures”.  He added that this was just one of a number of plans that are in the Adeje 202 project for the borough, designed to improve connectivity in the zone.

Mayor Fraga also told press that he had held a public meeting with businesses in the affected zones and had been pleased at their support for the move reflecting, as it does, the council’s interest in incentives for the local economy. The project, which is expected to cost in the region of €3m, will to be financed 100% by the council, and work is expected to begin later this month and last up to a year.  Once completed the management of the car park will be put out to tender.

Councillor Carmen Rosa González told press, “the exact location of the car park will be between Calles Castillo, Dóna Concha Álvarez and Tagoror.  The building will enhance the surrounds, and include a viewing point for the Fort House, the Barranco del Infierno and other spots of interest in the town.”

The car park will be on three stories, two covered and one semi covered, which will be the access zone by the Calle Tagoror, with the exit onto the Calle Castillo.  There will be two pedestrian entrances/stairways to the car park as well as a lift to accommodate those with special mobility needs.  The infrastructure will also include marking, automatic payment machines and security.


  1. Looks like a skateboarders paradise lol

  2. The council are doing something similar in Playa de San Juan. Work has begun on demolishing the old church and ripping up the plaza, much to the chagrin of local businesses and residents who are plagued with the noise and dust. It’s supposed top take up to 20 months. I don’t know any details about the construction, only what I have heard from locals.

  3. Siam mall has 1,100 parking spaces and it is already queuing now from the motorway exit. Confusing sometimes. A struggle to get a parking space. Week ends to be avoided.

    Adapting and creating parking and road network to safely channel the ever increasing motorists is the challenge for all islands. Every initiative is welcome. Also this one. Well done.

  4. It’s something we could do with up here in Puerto de la Cruz. Parking is diabolical.

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