Adeje and the new Arona council again join forces, this time to tackle taxi fraud

Another example of the benefit of the political earthquake which took place in Arona in the last elections, and further proof of how that results in coordinated action between the two councils, comes in Adeje and Arona issuing a joint statement of policy to stamp out taxi fraud in south Tenerife. The two transport councillors of Adeje and Arona, Andrés Pérez Ramos and Leopoldo Díaz, met earlier this week with the Tenerife Cabildo’s Initiative & Mobility representatives, Miguel Becerra and Manuel Ortega, to look at this, and other related transport issues.

Pérez Ramos said, “the adminstrations are drawing up a strategy and coordination plan necessary to meet head on the problems we have identified in the taxi sector in tourism zones, in particular fraudulent practices”. He continued, “we are looking to introduce measures to deal with irregular situations which affect the sector and damage the image of the destination, and we have to work together in a coordinated manner to, for instance, step up vigilance of suspicious activities or persons who offer to take passengers as well as proper fare systems, etc”.

The importance of working across both boroughs in this regard was stressed given that fraudulent practices operated in both zones, and both Adeje and Arona place huge importance on stamping out any behaviour that would damage tourism, which is the principal industry of both municipalities. “Fraud in the taxi sector is a problem that directly affects our main economic motor”, repeated councillor Pérez Ramos.


  1. I haven’t a clue what the council is talking about regarding fake taxis.
    The real problem is the awfull driving and high speed of the vast majority of taxis not just on the motorway but thro the towns and villages.

    after a life threating experience a few years back on the TF1 I no longer use taxis at all.

    1. Author

      They are talking about “taxi fraud”, not fake taxis. In terms of “fake taxis”, the Cabildo and police are already running a campaign clamping down on “airport runs”, which is how I’d interpret “fake taxis”. What they mean, I believe, is the constant reports of taxi fare rip-offs, and similar abuses. As to not using taxis, do be aware that any unofficial taxis will not be insured: if you are injured in an accident there will be no cover to help you.

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