Adeje Ayuntamiento helps young students earn professional qualifications

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

Adeje Ayuntamiento has anounced that fifteen young Adeje students have earned professional certificates which will significantly affect their future. Under the Adejerest programme, the youngsters qualified last Friday in Basic Restaurant and Bar Operations, after finishing a course run by the council and the Canarian Employment Service.

Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, councillor for economic development in the borough, congratulated all of the students during a ceremony to mark the end of the course.  “Over 9 months you have done some extraordinary work” he said. “The employment world is waiting to welcome you, and this is a particularly opportune time, with tourism at a high, three new hotels about to open in Adeje … all of the personnel managers are sending us their lists of vacancies, and what is most in demand is the right attitude, as much as experience or aptitude.  Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity”.

The project under the Adejerest label saw the fifteen young people, all between 16-25 years of age and with no previous qualifications, work and study over nine months to earn their certificate.  In parallel they also received training to increase their employability and job possibilities, and the class professors also helped them attain their secondary school diploma.

I have a particular pleasure in reporting this news because their training included classes in English and the chance to work with a local British volunteer resident group, of which I was one. I saw them in their training and am delighted they’ve all done so well, not least because several of them had far from the most advantageous of starts in life. This course, which cost the council nearly €200,000, will have already set them on the road to repaying the borough many times over in their future, and given them a chance in life to which they would otherwise very likely not have been able to aspire.


  1. May I add my congratulations to these young people for what they have achieved. Having grown up grandchildren back home I know only too well the difficulties facing them as they look for their way ahead to a successful career. The Ayuntamiento, the Adejerest group and you and your collegues from the British volunteer resident group deserve a great deal of credit. Well done all.

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