Adeje Ayuntamiento opens grant application period

Adeje Ayuntamiento’s education department has opened the application period for a range of grants for students within the municipality, including for transport and study material, residential subventions and other costs that students in both secondary and third level education might incur.  They also, importantly, point out that those who might have already applied in September need to do so again as certain procedures have changed.

Education councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera said, “We continue to offer all the help we can to assist those continuing their education, and in this case in particular to those who wish to pursue professional courses, with two distinct lines of assistance to offset primary and secondary costs. And we are taking into account the additional costs students will have if they need to move out of home to another area to take up certain course offers. Here in Adeje we have always encouraged our young people to pursue their studies to get the best possible professional qualifications they can, which in turn allows them aspire to better jobs and salaries as they enter into the workforce.  The council is committed to helping our young people develop their potential and we agree that it would be unjust for anyone to have to abandon their chosen career path for economic reasons alone”.

Assistance for transport is on offer for secondary students in 3rd and 4th year, those continuing their studies to Bachillerato level and those pursuing university courses or vocational training in recognised Spanish educational centres. Students must have been registered as resident in Adeje (on the ‘padrón) for at least six months prior to the application. Students have until November 15th to submit their applications and the full application form and list of application guidelines is on the Adeje website,

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