Adeje businessman robbed as he left bank with wages cash

A man who police describe as “a well-known local businessman” was attacked as he withdrew cash from the BBVA bank in San Eugenio yesterday morning. The man was set upon by someone who seems to have been waiting for him, and who clubbed him to the ground with a stick which had been hidden in his clothing. He ran off with a bag containing €45,000 which had been withdrawn for staff wages. Police say that eyewitnesses report the attacker to have a tattoo of Chinese characters on the left of his neck, and that he escaped in a getaway vehicle where at least one other person was waiting. The victim received immediate medical treatment but is otherwise unharmed, and police think that the attack was planned by those who knew his usual movements.



  1. I consider it inappropriate for anyone to make a comment inferring that an allegation of Robbery is false. Every crime allegation should be treated as genuine until firm evidence points otherwise. Speculation about the genuinity of a complaint is not only unhelpful but could also influence others in thei opinion about the alleged victim. Let those better placed to judge the investigation do their job.

  2. Why did the man have to pay salaries in cash. Seems all a bit dodgy to me. Most companies pay by vank transfer to employees account. I suspect this story.

    1. Author

      It’s being said it was “business expenses” as well as “wages”, and I can imagine various demands in cash on local businesses … unfortunately …

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