Adeje Easter Passion Play, Good Friday, 3 April

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento
Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento

Update 3 April: Over 300 active participants made this year’s Passion Play another of which Adeje can be immensely proud, and enjoy its deserved international acclaim. Gorgeous staging combined with the natural beauty of Calle Grande and the Barranco del Infierno transformed the town into a Biblical scene and transported the packed crowds lining the route of the performance back 2,000 years. José Antonio López, who is interpreting the role of Jesus Christ for the ninth consecutive year, brings tears to the eyes, religious or not, but as he himself says, this is a performance of all, for all. Once again, Adeje, very well done indeed.


Update 1 April: Adeje Ayuntamiento says that there will be one or two changes for the town’s Passion Play this Friday, which will be broadcast not only on Spanish television’s La2, but also streamed live HERE.

The most notable changes are in the Herod and Pontius Pilate staging areas, costumes, and some upgrades to the Jerusalem marketplace, recreating the ambience of the era. The Municipal School of Music and Dance will participate as Herod’s dancers, and new too is the dance which will be performed by the Beanky Ballet on the stage where the Last Supper will take place. The script has also been made more intense. All the music is written by members of the Municipal School of Music and Dance (EMMA), and will incorporate some traditional Canarian musical themes and instruments.

The whole of the Calle Grande, from the Plaza de la Cruz del Llano to the Plaza España, will be a stage dressed to resemble Biblical time, with plants, cloths, sculptures and altars, etc., and with live farm animals in the staging areas. Anyone uploading photographs and videos during and after the performance is asked to use the hashtag #PasionAdeje2015 to give the event even greater visibility.

For their own safety and comfort, the council asks the public to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, including a sun hat and adequate sun cream, and to bring water. In particular the public is asked to follow the instructions of the local police, bomberos and civil protection units who are there to ensure everyone’s safety, and not to cross the temporary barriers erected to keep the streets clear for the performance itself.

Update 24 March: Adeje Ayuntamiento says that the staging of The Passion will take place from 12 noon on Good Friday, 3 April, on Calle Grande (the road fron the post office up to the Town Hall), and be broadcast live on Channel 2, TV España in Canaries

The council says that its religious Easter events begin in earnest this Friday, 27 March, known to Christians as the Friday of Sorrows: the full Easter programme can be found HERE. The many different processions which will be held over the next several days will allow the public to see the borough’s many different sacred images and statues, some of huge artistic importance, most of which have been carefully restored in the last decade or so in the Council Heritage Conservation Workshop. Cultural councillor Nayra Medina Bethencourt said that “Easter week in Adeje is of particular importance in the cultural calendar of the borough, with the people of Adeje taking part in many of the different acts and events, above all in the staging of The Passion.”.

Bethencourt added that the council understood that not everyone celebrates Holy Week and therefore disruption was minimised. During the passion play itself, however, the whole of Calle Grande is turned into a stage for the reenactment of the last days and death of Jesus of Nazareth. From the Jerusalem marketplace, the last supper in the Plaza de la Cruz del Llano, the Herod and Pontius Pilate stage, to the crucifixion itself in the Plaza España with the amazing Adeje skyline and Barranco del Infierno as a backdrop, if you haven’t seen it, don’t miss it. If you have, you’ll know why you want to see it all over again! As I’ve said in previous years, get there early, and ideally by public transport or taxi, because this gets packed out! The council’s video from 2013 above should give a flavour of this stunning spectacle.

Original post 10 March: I’ve posted in previous years (see HERE) about Adeje’s Easter passion play, and its drama and emotion. It will be no different in 2015, of course, and if anyone would like to be more than a spectator, but would actually like to take part in the enactment itself, you can sign up to do so now in the Cultural Centre in Adeje between 8am and 10pm, or by phone to 922 756 246. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

This year’s preparations are now underway, and each year some 300 “actors” take part in the passion play, the vast majority of them residents in the municipality. The event is famed worldwide, and tens of thousands attend, a great number of them tourists in the area. It is televised live internationally, too. Adeje Ayuntamiento’s culture department says that such coverage allows those who cannot attend in person to watch, but that the best way to experience the passion of the Pasión is as an actor involved in the production itself.

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  1. We were in Adeje for this . This performance was amazing much recommended the time and effort put
    in to this production must have taken many hours.If you are in Tenerife in 2017 on Good Friday get up to Adeje you will not be disappointed. also all of the restaurants are very friendly a very good 5 hours.
    Thank You very much

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