Adeje IBI (local rates) reductions for large families

Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced IBI (local rates) reductions for large families living in the municipality. The council says that a ‘familia númerosa’ is generally considered a family with two parents and three or more children. Adeje mayor Fraga said that the measure, which will allow families with five or more members to benefit from IBIs reduced by between 40 and 90%, had been approved at council level and would go towards helping families. “Our borough is constantly advancing and we are working in different areas to improve the lives for the betterment of society”, he said.

Those who wish to apply for the reductions have until Monday, 29 February, to do so in the consorcio (next to Adeje Correos at the bottom of Calle Grande) or the SAC in the front office of the Town Hall. The reductions will be applicable on dwellings that are family homes where the owner and parent of the family is the named taxable person; the property must be one of no more than two owned by the family, which must obviously also be on the padron (residents’ register) in Adeje. All local taxes on the home must be up-to-date as well.

The percentage of the reduction to be granted will depend on the 2016 rateable valuation (‘valor catastral’) of the property. Councillor for local taxes, Epifanio Díaz Hernández, explaied that “zones that are valued higher than €120,000 won’t be included in this rate reduction, (this does not mean the value of your house but the rateable valuation!) but overall there has been a 23% reduction all valuations so more people will be able to benefit from these reductions”.

Residences with a rateable valuation of up to €50.000 will be in line for a 80% (90% if there are ‘special category) reduction, 60% for those valued between €50.001 and €80.000, and 40%-50% for those valued between €80.001 and €120.000. The council says that there are different groups of ‘familias numerosas’ – for instance a single parent with two children should also qualify – so check with the consorcio, also that some “special categories” will qualify for 70% relief, so again check.

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