Adeje invites women in art to take part in the VI collective for International Women’s Day

Adeje Ayuntamiento says that the local art collective “Creative Adeje Women” is inviting submissions for this year’s exhibition to emphasise the importance of women in the art world. The council says that this is the 6th consecutive year for this initiative from the collective, which was founded and organised by the council through the department of equality (under councillor Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro).

“Historically the role of women in the art world, as in many others, was ignored or undervalued”, says Rodríguez del Toro. “During the evolution of our society too often the contribution of women has been set aside to the detriment of equality. Few women in the art world have been given the recognition they deserve, so the Adeje council is continuing to offer a platform, through this collective, which has become a showcase for many local artists. Since its inception the exhibitions have been very well received the public and are one of the most visited every year”, she added.

Participation is open to female artists (professional and amateur) based in the Canaries who would like to present a work for exhibition. It can be from any discipline (photography, painting, sculpture, graphic design, recording, etc.) and must not be bigger than 1.20cm. The exhibition, in the Adeje Cultural Centre, will coincide with International Women’s Day on 8 March, and will be open to the public from 7pm.

There is more information in the “Igualdad” section of the Ayuntamiento’s webpage, where there is also the application form which can be filled in and sent to Final entries will be chosen based on quality, technical standards and originality.

The council is holding other events to mark International Women’s day, including a performance of Esmeralda by the Helena Turbo Theatre group on the same evening, at 8.30pm, and the awarding of the annual Adeje prize for a woman/women who have contributed to the borough in a particular way, the Abinque, which takes place on 11 March.

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