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Update 5pm: URGENT:

There has been a fatal military plane crash in Spain today and all political events are suspended out of respect for the families of the deceased. Tonight’s presentation of candidates will now be held tomorrow, Sunday, same time, same place.

Update 9 May: Anyone planning to go to the Adeje candidates presentation tonight in the Magma Centre can take advantage of a free bus being laid on for the event. There are three buses as shown in the graphic above, and they start at 6.30pm from the first stop on each route. They will deliver people back by the same routes at the end of the event.

Update 5 May: Above is the invitation from Adeje mayor Fraga to the Presentation of Candidates event in the Magma Centre this Saturday 9 May at 7.30pm. You can just take the image and print it out, though the council says all are welcome, with invitation or not!

Original post 4 May:

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento
.Mayor Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga. Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento

Adeje has issued an open invitation, not just to Adeje residents but to anyone who would like to attend, to the “presentation of candidates”in the Magma Centre this Saturday, 9 May, at 7.30. It’s not just a chance to see local democracy in action, and the nearest equivalent to an American-style presidential primary that municipal-level Spain can provide, but it’s a real chance to get to know the people who actually run the place, people who have full control over the issues which affect our lives here.

This is my Small Society in all its glory. There’ll be the presentation of the “team” which hopes to run the council after the forthcoming election, but after that there’ll be a chance for everyone to meet and talk to those who direct the provision of all sorts of local services. What is more, I don’t know any ayuntamiento in Tenerife that does something like this to this extent and with this level of inclusiveness. Many of the councillors speak English, and two in particular stand out with fluent English and as of particular interest to the expat community in south-west Tenerife.

First, there’s Carmen Rosa González, current councillor for pensioners and special needs, and no-one would deny the impact on Adeje’s demographic of foreign retirees; and secondly, current communications officer and candidate councillor – and English-Time presenter – Clio O’Flynn. Below are pictures of the two, who have said they will be more than happy to be approached and to talk to the public and answer any questions they might have.  And of course, mayor Fraga himself will be present to introduce his new team and its proven leadership for the election, and to welcome everyone, whether Adejeros or not!

Apart from anything else, this will be interesting, and fun! And an important part of our lives as foreigners abroad, living in our adopted Tenerife. That’s Saturday 9 May, 7.30pm in the Magma Centre.

Councillor Carmen Rosa González. Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento
Councillor Carmen Rosa González. Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento


Clio O'Flynn, Adeje communications officer and Adeje Radio Sur presenter. Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento
Clio O’Flynn, Adeje communications officer and Adeje Radio Sur presenter. Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento

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