Adeje launches Shop Local campaign … they won’t be the only ones!

Adeje Ayutamiento is launching a ‘shop locally’ campaign on the theme of “They need us, we need them”. These are often the businesses of our friends and neighbours, and it won’t just be Adeje that hopes people will help the local economy as the economy starts to try to recover after the ravages of the past three months. It’s a good feeling to shop locally, avoiding the crowds as well as the multinationals, and putting money and food in the hands and mouths of those we live amongst. I’m going to do it, anyway! 


  1. I hope you can clarify the use of face masks and shields as there does not appear a clear answer in the media. I am 85 and just bought a face shield as an extra to a mask, so me people tell me that the shield on its own is of no protection, as with many od my friends it appears that it’s the blind leading the blind, can you please enlighten me on this subject.

    1. Author

      Please see THIS post. As I have said at the top of the page:

      face masks must be worn at all times in public transport or cars shared with others from a different household, and anywhere in public where a 1.5m physical distance cannot be maintained (there are exceptions for those those doing something where one cannot be worn but one must be carried to be worn when the activity has stopped, and those with certified breathing problems are wholly exempt)

      Whatever you may have read in other media, my own site has always given the information clearly. Regardless of how effective they are or what protection they provide, face masks are compulsory when away from home if 1.5m physical distancing cannot be maintained, and always on public transport. Shields are not compulsory but one can choose to wear one in addition. Please just continue checking that post for any changes to the rule or future announcements.

      If you are looking for actual scientific confirmation of the effectiveness of either mask and/or shield, you should call the Canarian Government’s helpline 900 112 061 but I doubt any scientist or medical specialist will be able to give a definitive answer at present since there is no real consensus, indeed there cannot be since there have been no scientific trials.

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