Adeje mayor leads call for second runway for TFS

Photo: Controladores.

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento

Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga has led the calls for the second runway at TFS after yesterday’s incident which closed the runway – and therefore the whole airport – for a large part of the day. The incident showed how precarious the functioning of the southern airport is, says Mayor Fraga, and how the promises which have been delayed again and again must now be made good.

It’s perhaps appropriate and understandable that it was Mayor Fraga who started this renewed clamour not only because Adeje is the tourism powerhouse of Tenerife, not just the south but the whole island, but also because Mayor Fraga is one of the longest-standing alcaldes in Tenerife’s political life. He is also a major figure within the regional PSOE and so is someone the authorities making such decisions will take notice of.

Either way, an upgrade of TFS and a second runway for south Tenerife has just re-entered the debate, it would seem.

YA ESTÁ BIEN!!! Debemos dirigirnos con rotundidad a Aena y al Gobierno de España, porque no puede estar el aeropuerto del SUR parado siete horas y con el desvío de 24 vuelos por un incidente concreto.

Todas las administraciones canarias deben presionar porque si entre nosotros nos ponemos a discutir la necesidad o no de la segunda pista, poca fuerza vamos a tener ante Aena y el Gobierno del Estado.

Llevan mucho tiempo INCUMPLIENDO COMPROMISOS con Canarias, desde 2004 se hablaba de la ampliación del campo de vuelo de Tenerife Sur y aún no existe un plan director ni presupuesto para su ejecución, ya está bien de esta FALTA de SERIEDAD y compromiso con los PROBLEMAS REALES que sufrimos.

Es evidente que existe una PRECARIEDAD y debemos hacer causa común porque hablamos de un riesgo enorme en la base de la industria que sustenta nuestra principal fuente económica, que es el TURISMO.

Somos muy VULNERABLES en la movilidad interna y en la conectividad. El aeropuerto tiene muchas carencias, a estas alturas no puede haber quien cuestione la necesidad de la SEGUNDA PISTA del aeropuerto Tenerife Sur o el desarrollo de una nueva TERMINAL de PASAJEROS acorde con el nivel del propio AEROPUERTO y del destino que somos.

Igualmente pasa con las CARRETERAS, que venimos reivindicando un plan serio con miras de futuro desde hace años.

My (rough) translation:

Now it’s OK!!! Categorically we must have discussions with Aena and the Government of Spain, because the south airport cannot be brought to a standstill for seven hours causing 24 flights to be diverted for the sake of a single incident.

All the Canarian administrations must lobby as one because if we start to disagree among ourselves whether a second runway is needed we won’t be able to tackle Aena and the National Government.

They have been breaking promises to the Canaries for a long time, the expansion of TFS has been mooted since 2004 but still there’s still neither a master plan nor a budget for it, and so enough of this frivolousness and a commitment to the real problems we have.

The situation is clearly precarious and we have to make common cause because we are talking of a huge risk to the industry that’s our main economy – tourism!

We are very vulnerable when it comes to internal mobility and connectivity. The airport has many deficiencies, and at this point no-one can question that a second runway is needed for TFS, or a new passenger terminal appropriate for the numbers of passengers passing through the airport and the destination that we are.

It’s the same with the roads, another thing that needs a forward-looking plan that we’ve been calling for for years.

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