Adeje OMIC helps thousands of consumers recover thousands of Euros

Councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo (centre)  and the two office members who deal with consumer complaints. Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

Every now and again I get a message, or a comment on this site, from someone expressing anger at a consumer outrage, whether ridiculous mobile phone contracts or fake goods from electrical stores. I keep referring them to THIS page on consumer rights, but also stress that apart from each business needing a complaints book, each municipality has or is part of an OMIC – Oficina Municipal de Información al Consumidor – a consumer rights office. These are run at local level, and I suspect many people think it’s just not worth bothering.

Well it is. And now Adeje OMIC has published figures which show that it has dealt with over 20,000 complaints during its twenty five years in existence, the announcement being made today because apparently it’s World Consumer rights Day. Adeje councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo said that the council has “overseen a number of campaigns in the 25 years of the office’s existence and we have offset many more having helped create responsible and well informed consumers”.  Among the main objectives of the Adeje consumers office is educating consumers as to their rights and helping them shop sensibly.  The basic advice to consumers includes reading all the small print before buying, consulting all of the conditions when purchasing or engaging services, and comparing product prices and services across the market.

Last year, the office registered 1,046 complaints/petitions, a slight drop from 1,127 in 2014.  The most frequent complaints deal with mobile phones (29%), landlines (9.85%), banks (4.78%), garages (3.8%), electro-domestic traders (5.83%), airlines (4%), and basic services (4.4%).  According to the councillor “recently we find we are also being asked to help people who find themselves on a debtor’s list and need to know what their rights are as there is a lack of information about this at present.”

As well as offering consumers information and helping them deal directly with specific cases, Adeje OMIC is working to educate and train, collaborate with other public and private bodies dedicated to the protection of consumer rights, appeal complaints to the consumer rights courts if an agreement cannot be reached locally, and in general work to protect citizens of the borough. More specifically, it’s vital to see how effective this service already is. Almost half of the cases taken by the office have been concluded positively for the consumer, with the office managing to reclaim over €140,000 and to help others avoid unnecessary payments.

So ask for the complaints book in any business where you feel your consumer rights have been infringed, and if you are not satisfied, head for your local OMIC. It really is worth it!



  1. This office is amazing so helpful when assistance is needed. If they are unable to help they will usually give you a contact address to get in touch with.

  2. Hi there,
    We just just returned from a 10 day trip to Tenerife today, we had a lovely holiday in the resort, bars and restaurants themselves, but the living accommodation was atrocious, it was booked through and it’s in Las Agaves private apts, costa Adeje. The sleeping arrangements were so bad that my daughter and granddaughter booked flights and went home on Monday, basically my daughter slept on a chair while my granddaughter slept on a sofa bed supposed to be for 2 people no way, the owners were contacted and eventually a double sofa bed was delivered once my daughter was home, I tried desperately to find someone to help me while I was there with no luck whatsoever. The woman appears to be Eastern European I am not sure if their dealings are above board and legal. I would be most grateful I you could be of any help to me in any way, to complain.I have had my holiday but I would love to prevent this happening in the future to other families, especially those with small children. I have many pictures if required.
    Thank you very much

    Sent from my iPad
    Helen x

    Sent from my iPad
    Helen x

    1. Author

      I’m afraid that you seem to have booked an illegal let – a private apartment cannot be let for holidays if it’s in a residential complex, and if it is in a touristic complex, then you can’t book it through an internet holiday website. There is no way to complain that I’m aware of, but you have the right, of course, to denounce the owner to the tourism authorities for illegally letting the apartment. Please see THIS page for full information.

  3. My husband and I came to Costa Adeje Gran Hotel in April. We purchased a mobile phone from Sonimage in CC Litoral. Londres s/n 38660 X-0298029-11 CC Litoral de Fanaba Loc64 Playa de Fanaba. When our family looked at this phone they said we had been ripped of by this store. I am returning to this same hotel on 1st July with a group of friends, will I be able to return this item and get my money back please.

    1. Author

      You will be able to try … but I think they will say you knew what you were buying, or that it’s too late to do anything about it, or any other excuse. But you should bring it back and try … and if necessary demand the complaints book (it’s an offence to refuse you) as well as go to the local OMIC.

  4. I have used their offices numerous times for different things, including people who have paid timeshare with cards and they have been brilliant as long as you go there straight away as there is only l week to claim money back from timeshare companies brilliant office!!

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