Adeje’s Premio Abinque 2021, the annual award for women who make a significant contribution to municipal life, goes to the women who work in health care – from surgery directors to cleaners

The Adeje Abinque prize is awarded in Adeje by the Asociación San Juan to recognize women who stand out for their contribution to the life of the municipality. Over recent years it has been won by Walk for Life founder Brigitte Gypen, by young world bodyboard champion Alexandra Rinder, by cheesemaker and co-owner of the Tijoco-based dairy Montesdeoca Ángeles Nieves García Rodríguez, and last year marine biologist and conservationist Cristina Lorenzo Ibáñez.

This year’s winners, it has been announced today on International Women’s Day, are the women who work in health care in Adeje municipio, in the Adeje and Armeñime health centres, from directors to doctors, nurses, auxiliary workers, administration and laboratory personnel, midwives, and sanitation staff. Mayor Fraga pointed out particularly that these women included the directors of Adeje’s two health centres, so the award included women who had also “broken the glass ceiling, something seen as virtually impossible not so long ago”.

All the women who are included in this year’s prize have been on the front line during this health crisis, not just in 2020 but into 2021 as well. These are the people who were applauded during the months of lockdown last year, the ones who led, who had to merge their commitments to their family as well as their professional lives to be in a position to care for those in need. By recognising this group of women, all playing an important part in the health service, the council says that is also highlighting the kind of pressure the health service has been under as a result of the pandemic, creating increasingly difficult conditions for those working in the sector, many who work long hours and days placing themselves in danger on a regular basis.

I often think this award has been well bestowed.  This year, there is absolutely no doubt about it!