Adeje Rally and Tenerife Motor Week – a March for car lovers in south Tenerife

Updated 18 March: Arona Ayuntamiento has announced that the following roads will be closed for the rally tomorrow, 19 March, between 7am and midnight.

  • Av. Rafael Puig in Playa de las Américas from the chemist to the Barranco de Troya (7am-midnight)
  • TF-565, in El Roque, at the junction with C/. Evelio Bello Díaz (8.30am-noon)
  • TF-565 La Escalona Jama (8.30-noon)
  • TF-51 (La Camella) with Tf-21 in Vilaflor (1.55pm-4.25pm)
  • TF-51 junction with C/. San Carlos Borromeo (1.55pm-4-25pm)

And Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has announced that the following roads will be closed between 9.40am and 1.40pm, and again between 2.05pm and 6.05pm, tomorrow:

  • TF-463 Playa San Juan- Guía de Isora
  • the Los Pajales track
  • TF-82 between Tamaimo & Chío

Updated 17 March: The Adeje Rally will be held this weekend, and there will be some traffic restrictions and disruption throughout the various areas involved. There is a map immediately below showing the various stages of the rally (I hope it makes more sense to those who know about rallies than it does to me), and there is further information about it HERE in tabular form (which to me is more comprehensible). Arona Ayuntamiento says that there will be no parking or stopping in Av. Rafael Puig between the chemist and the Barranco de Troya from 7am on Saturday, and with the Rally finishing in Adeje’s Calle Grande later that day, there will be inevitable disruption there too. The main Adeje Rally website for all other information is HERE.

rally map

Original post 24 January: Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced that Tenerife Motor Week will take place in the Magma centre between 23 and 27 March, dates chosen to follow on from the 26th Adeje Rally being held here on 18, 19 & 20 March, and now part of the Spanish Rally Championships. The organizers thus hope to create a “grand motor week” in south Tenerife, and exhibitors – importers, dealers, second-hand showrooms, leasing companies, car services and finance companies – are already signing up. Organizers say that more detailed information about the exhibition will be forthcoming, meanwhile the Adeje rally website is HERE for all information about the races and road closures themselves.



  1. Had a really enjoyable evening on Friday found a great spot in San Miguel close to the action I mean really close don’t think it could get any better it’s a see to believe event posted some videos on Twitter @CFI Marketing1

  2. Marvellous map.
    It should be annotated in Cuneiform script. Why do things by half?

  3. Heard some strange reasons for not going to Adeje……….?

  4. Never going there while they have captive animals, should be in the sea!

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