Adeje Rally underway today, HQ at Gran Sur


The 21st Adeje Rally starts this evening, with tonight’s two stages at the Karting Club (1.1 kms starting at 21.05pm) and Guía de Isora-Playa san Juan (7.4 kms, starting at 20.05pm). The Gran Sur is being used as the HQ, so anyone in the area will get a good chance to see the 75 entered cars and drivers.

Tomorrow’s stages will start at 9am, and comprise La Concepción-Taucho (11.34 kms, 9.20am-13.35pm & 20.00pm); Cueva del Polvo-Playa San Juan (11.95 kms; 10.15-15.45pm & 19.20pm) and San Miguel-Arona (11.1 kms; 12.40 & 17.05pm).

The Adeje rally’s points contribute to the Campeonato de Canarias de Rallys de Asfalto. El Dia

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