Adeje seeks suggestions for working days which will draw up municipal emergency procedures programme

Adeje Ayuntamiento and the Cruz Roja are organising a series of days to elaborate a programme to deal with security, emergencies and catastrophes, and they are inviting members of the public to add to the plan. The final date for suggestions is December 15th and people are invited to send their proposals by email to The final version of the plan will be discussed during March 2018. According to councillor Zebenzui Chinea Linares, “we want to make sure these working days have a participative element, to encourage and include ideas from local residents”.

Three pillars have already been established for the programme. First, the response of the co-ordinating emergency team is in place, dealing with emergencies at local, national or international levels where relevant, with a panel of experienced personnel. Secondly, analysis of the situation and the development of technologies in the field of emergency response. And finally, examination of the strengths and weaknesses of both public and private safety bodies and measures.

The programme is being developed and expanded from this basis, and the councillor is making a special appeal to experts in the sector to help in the development and deployment of the plan to allow it meet properly the needs of any real emergency. Ideas sent in will be evaluated by the technical team responsible, and the final programme proposals will be evaluated during January and February.

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