Adeje showing feminist-political history film Las Constituyentes in Cultural Centre tomorrow

Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced a showing tomorrow evening at 6pm in Adeje cultural centre of Las Constituyentes, a documentary about 27 women, members of parliament and senators, who were protagonists of political change during Spain’s transition towards democracy. Anyone interested in feminism and/or political history might enjoy seeing it, as well as those interested in politics now, because the documentary also captures a meeting between present female members of parliament and politicians and the mothers of the constitution, which culminates in an intense debate!

The film has been described as an unprecedented and cutting edge audio-visual work. Adeje ayuntamiento communications officer Clio O’Flynn has said she will be there and would love to see anyone who would be interested in the theme. The film will have English subtitles for those who might have trouble following it in Spanish. She adds that Maria Dolores Pelayo, one of the first female parliamentians from the time, will also be there. Entry is free. There is more information about the film HERE.

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