Adeje signs agreement with two protection agencies for adoption of abandoned animals

Photo courtesy of Adeje Ayuntamiento
Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento

There’s good news for abandoned animals in Adeje this week with the news that the Ayuntamiento has signed an agreement to work with animal protection association MADAT, the Dogs Welfare Trust and vet Nahum García del Río to promote and advance the adoption of animals in the municipal animal refuge. The associations will have preference when it comes to adopting dogs from the centre who have stayed beyond the normal legal limit, with no financial benefit to either side in this regard.

Councillor for Municipal Services, Gonzalo Delgado Díaz, says “we have been working on this initiative for some time, and in recent months met with all the animal protection agencies on the island who had shown an interest in the Council coming to an agreement with one or more of them to speed up and assist the adoption of animals, mostly dogs, who have been abandoned by their owners. From the Council’s point of view we see these agencies are the ones who can help to promote the adoption of these animals”.

Under the agreement, MADAT (Manos Amigas de los Animales en Tenerife / Friends of animals in Tenerife) commit to taking any dogs who can be adopted, and who have been in the refuge the twenty days  required so that owners have a chance to reclaim them. Municipal bylaws state that once that period has passed the Council may seek a new owner for the animal, or pass it on to an animal protection agency.

The Dogs Welfare Trust Tenerife will meet the costs of the vet who is also a part of the agreement, and who will provide a health report, check for worms, and carry out any other treatment required such as vaccinations and microchipping. The current agreement will last for a year and will be overseeen by a committee made up of representatives from each of the involved associations and the Council.

Adeje’s municicpal ordenance regulating the ownership of animals deems an abandoned animal to be one that is unregistered and wearing no identification. The Council identifies the animal if it has a micro-chip and contacts the owner, who has ten days to collect it. If not collected within that time, the Council and the protection agencies now party to this agreement may offer the dog for adoption. Let’s hope the lives and happiness of many more dogs in the Adeje area benefit from this new agreement.


  1. I hope that everything changes in Adeje, the councill has done a very bad job until now. Lots of people wanted to see the dogs and was almost impossible. I really hope that this is a good change.

  2. So pleased that there will be more help for these poor animals I am currently fostering 2 Spaniels with a view to adopt . Also have a wild cat we have had for 6 years xxx thankful

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