Adeje stops rentals of disability scooters throughout the borough

Adeje Ayuntamiento has stopped the rental of disability scooters throughout the municipality. I have been told that although the scooters are legal to use by the disabled and so are not illegal in the borough, they can no longer be rented out within it. Any that are seen, therefore, should be privately owned or rented in other municipaities and driven into Adeje. I am told that the Council will be interested to hear of any instances where rentals within the Adeje area are taking place because they will need to be stopped to comply with the new rulings. Obviously this won’t “solve the scooter problem” but it is a major step forwards in resolving a situation that has annoyed very many for a very long time.


  1. Double Scooters are being rented out in Puerto Colon and Fanabe area.
    I have seen them being rented by families and even with kids driving them. If they are banned why aren’t the police doing anything about it.??

    1. Author

      Can I ask if you’ve complained to the council? People talk about this online but it’s the council that needs to be informed and chased up. Adeje has an English language Facebook page HERE. The best thing is to complain direct to them.

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