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Update 23 May: The summer university is now accepting registrations for its courses. For all information, please click HERE.

Update 22 May: The winning photos have been chosen and were taken by Sara Royo Hernández, who wins the first prize of €600, and Luis Daniel Osorio de León, second place with €300. The winning image is above.

Original post 29 March: Adeje department of culture, under councillor Nayra Medina Bethencourt, has released details of the Adeje Summer University’s photography competition. The competition’s central theme is knowledge, with entrants asked to present their personal interpretation of learning and the search for it. The winning photograph will win the first prize of €600 and also be used as the main poster for the XXII Summer University this year. The second placed photograph will win €300.

Entries can be submitted from today, 29 March, and the competition is open until Wednesday, 9 April. Entries should be either delivered to the department of culture, or posted after being stamped at the post office with the date sent to ensure that it qualifies. According to councillor Bethencourt, “the Adeje Summer University has always been a forum for debate and participation and for that reason we want to encourage even more participation in the creative process from the public. Photography encompasses so much – art, science, memory and the human experience and we hope the idea will appeal to a lot of people.”

Those who wish to enter must abide by certain rules and respect the theme of knowledge in their final work, as well as displaying their theme development, composition, light, and originality. The best 20 photographs will form part of an exhibition in Adeje Summer University between 21 and 25 July. Entries must be original and new and not previously published. You may enter a single photograph or a series consisting of three or five images. The width should be between 24 – 30 cm, length 30 – 40 cm. The photograph must also be accompanied by the relevant entry form, which can be downloaded HERE, which also contains further information downloads as well.


  1. Yes I can see that – I just didn´t realise it had been “posterised” already! 🙂

  2. Author

    I’m seeing the image on mine … it’s the poster for the summer university, the background image of the sea on some pebbles, black and white photo. Can you see that? Many thanks for your kind words, Colleen!

  3. Hi Janet, Just to tell you the image of the winning photo seems to be missing?

    And while I´m here, many, many thanks for the sterling work you do on your site. It is very much appreciated.

    Kind regards

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