Adeje launches campaign to force owners to clean up dog mess with fines of up to €3,000

There is a new campaign in the municipality of Adeje as the Ayuntamiento starts to force dog owners to clean up after their pets. Round signs, in the form of a road sign with a dog doing its business and a diagonal line across, will be stuck on pavements, and radio adverts will soon be heard on local channels.

Councillor Delgado Díaz said that after a few weeks of the information campaign, fines of up to €3,000 will be imposed for anyone who leaves their dog’s mess behind them under bylaw 27, which “for health and safety reasons, categorically prohibits that animals should foul pavements or public areas”. The bylaw requires the person in control of the animal to pick up and dispose of its mess, and even to clean the area where the mess had been.  There is more information from Adeje’s own website HERE.


  1. When will Arona do the same? We are in Palm Mar and this problem is a constant cause of concern and anger. We are not fully adopted by Arona, so ist is difficult to ascertain whether this is the responsibility of the local EUC or Arona . The sooner it is tackled the better. Palm Mar is such a small place, we only need a couple of people to be fined and the problem will stop.

  2. I live in San Eugenio Alto Adeje and I haven´t seen any signs of people being fined, people are still not clearing up after their dogs, and when you ask them to do so you just get abuse. I have even tied doggie bags on nearby lamp posts and pointed at them for people to use! but nothing seems to make any difference.

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