Adeje’s beaches now flying their blue flags

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento
Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento

Adeje is the borough with the most blue flags in the province of Tenerife, and this morning, Adeje mayor Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga and tourism councillor Rafael Dolado García joined representatives from the department of beach safety and protection in Adeje’s beaches, local police, and those who hold the concessions for Troya I, II and Fañabe and el Duque to hoist the blue flags the beaches have been awarded this year.

Mayor Fraga said that “the Blue Flag is a European symbol of quality which certain tourist destinations are awarded, destinations that meet a number of distinct criteria among them the quality of the bathing water, environment and educational material, the environmental development of the zone, etc. From the council’s point of view we are firmly behind the work undertaken to maintain these standards of excellence in the destination as it is an integral part of the zone’s attraction. Adeje is a borough which is very much linked to quality. An example of that quality is the Troya I and II beach which has received in total 18 blue flags over the years, an integral part of our tourist identity”. (For Tenerife’s blue flag beaches this this year, see HERE).

In reference to yesterday’s news that the Constitutional Court has confirmed the legality of the Canarian government’s tourism legislation (link), Mayor Fraga continued, “today is an excellent day to hoist the flag because we have also just received the news that the Constitutional Court have lifted the suspension of the Canarian Tourist Law which was preventing certain investments here. Once we have all the details we will announce details of new hotels and other investments in Adeje which will only serve to enrich the attractiveness of the destination even more”.

The Blue Flag award is a distinction granted by the European Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches and marinas that meet certain strict criteria regarding water quality, safety and lifeguard services, cleanliness, maintenance, and access, as well as the availability of information and an area’s environmental development. The flag is internationally recognised and is a boost to local tourism as it marks out the destination as one that cares for and defends the local environment and promotes sustainable tourism. In this respect, the mayor assured those present that in Adeje, “the manner we have of developing services is one that works, with companies engaged who will create jobs and meet the quality requirements as laid down by the council.”


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