Adeje’s much lauded new Plaza España opens

new plaza espana adeje town

The new Plaza España in Adeje was unveiled yesterday, and what a stunning place it looks. The Plaza is between the town hall and the church at the top of Calle Grande, and it has been cordoned and screened off since May last year while the works, which are said to have cost €2.3 million, were being carried out.

The Plaza is intended as a multi-functional space, including a cafe-restaurant and a museum area for the church, and has already been singled out in architectural circles as an outstanding design. Above all, though, it is a superbly renewed cultural focus for Adeje old town, and a welcoming and staggeringly beautiful public area to sit and marvel at the barranco and incredible skyline that the new Plaza overlooks, and the breathtaking views it offers. TinerGuía

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