Adeje’s Premio Abinque 2014 – annual award for the municipality’s woman of the year

Brigitte Gypen with Adeje Mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, photo courtesy of Adeje Ayuntamiento
Brigitte Gypen with Adeje Mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga. Photo:  Adeje Ayuntamiento

Update 26 February: There is a dinner on 8 March for the award of this prize to Brigitte Gypen. It is being held in the Adeje CDTCA, the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (see map below), and all are welcome – men included! Clio O’Flynn says that dress code is fairly loose, so it’s a relaxed social  occasion centred around a very important message. If you would like to go to the presentation dinner, call Adeje Igualdad  on 922.756.244 where tickets, costing €15,  are on sale.

Update 17 February: Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced that Brigitte Gypen, the organiser of the Walk for Life, has won the Abinque prize. The award will be presented on 8 March, and Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said “after consideration the commission has awarded this prize to Brigitte Gypen, the organiser of the Walk for Life, and her team , for their humanitarian work and the assistance they offer to women who have breast cancer, and their families. ”

Mayor Fraga added, “it is important to continue to support solidarity initiatives such as the Walk for Life which has become a movement that attracts more people to participate each year. This project is a true example of a social reality that exists here in the south of Tenerife where people of many different backgrounds live together and which underlines our commitment to fight the problem of breast cancer.

For her part Brigitte Gypen said “I am absolutely delighted to receive the Abinque prize. It is an honour, because it will be of great help to all those who work to make the Walk for Life a reality.” She continued, “every year we make a bigger effort and are stronger and more motivated to continue, fundamentally because we put our heart and soul into the event and as you now, now thousands of people join us every year. ”

I cannot think of a better winner, can you?

Photo courtesy of Adeje Igualdad
Photo: Adeje Igualdad

Original post 11 February: Adeje has announced the opening of the Premio Abinque 2014 – an annual award given to its outstanding woman of the year. This year’s presentation will be held on 8 March in a gala dinner, and tickets are now on sale from Adeje’s Concejalía de Políticas de Igualdad. The prize was first awarded in 2004 to recognize women who stood out for their contribution to male-female equality, as well as for their positive role in the life of the municipality. The award itself is always made by the Asociación San Juan, and is a statue made from natural materials like wood, and coloured with natural pigments. Above is 2011’s award, and the icon it bears is the same every year regardless of the overall design – the silhouette of a woman in the form of the natural course of the Barranco del Infierno to el Humilladero, in la Caleta.


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