Güímar announces end to drinking water restrictions

Update 17 August: Sanidad has announced an end to restrictions to water consumption in several areas in the Agache region of Güímar municipality. Councillor Carlos Romero said that the drinking water quality has now been normalized, and promised that regular inspections would continue to avoid a repetition of the problems with excess fluoride in the supply. The areas affected were El Tablado, Chimaje y La Puente, and El Escobonal. El Dia

Update 20 July: Güímar Ayuntamiento has announced that it will cut off the water supply to various parts of the municipality later today for three hours. Carlos Romado, concejal de Control de Empresas Concesionarias, said that the disconnection will be between 8 and 11am, and affect calles San Pedro Arriba, Callejón Amaros, La Amistad, Doctor Díaz Núñez, Imeldo Serís, Amigos del Arte, la parte baja de El Peral and the part of calle Pablo Iglesias between la Díaz Núñez y la Amigos del Arte. The cut is for maintenance work in the network of the Chacaica supply, where valves and pipes are badly deteriorated to the point of being inoperative. El Dia

Original post 8 July: The municipal water service in Güímar (Aqualia) has warned that children under 8 should not drink the tap water in the area because it contains excess quantites of fluoride. The Ayuntamiento, meanwhile, has added the advice that tap water should be boiled for consumption or food preparation by all users.

It seems the contamination derives from works being carried out in galerías (water channels), and which has resulted over the past fortnight in restrictions to consumption in the specific neighbourhoods of El Escobonal, El Tablado, Chimaje and La Puente on the Agache coast. DA

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