Aena abolishes first half hour free parking in all Canarian airports

Aena has announced that it has abolished the first half hour’s free parking in all Canarian airports. The measure came into force on 1 October. Aena has been criticized for the decision by the socialist PSOE, who argue it’s a new attack on the pockets of Canarians; the party has asked for a meeting to discuss the issue, but from now on, a stay of even a few minutes will be charged.


  1. Most British airports charge for a minimum stay. In Newcastle if you are there for ONLY a couple of minutes you get charged £1. Tenerife is only doing what other major airports do. I think the first 5 minutes should be free , but if Britain does it why should Tenerife not ?

  2. It’s not only car park- if you use the Titsa bus from Airport there is now an extra surcharge on fare of €1 or €2 .
    This just an extra tourist tax !

  3. Is there a “pick up/drop off area” that can be used?

  4. Author

    Yes, and that’s unaffected. It’s just the pay and display carpark proper that is now no longer free for the first half hour.

  5. Where is it please Janet?

  6. Author

    Just at the last approach to the airport building, the road divides into two lanes. The left hand one goes around to the carpark, and the right hand one goes into the drop off area which is all part of the concourse in front of the terminal where the taxis and buses go.

  7. Ahh great thanks Janet, so when I come walking out the building, looking towards the carpark/hire car pick up, would I turn left or right to be picked up?

  8. Author

    Left. When you come out, you should have the buses in front/to the right of you. To your left will be taxis, and beyond those will be the drop-off/pick-up zone.

  9. Thanks so much Janet. I’ll find my son-in-law now!

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