Aena introduces trolley charge in TFS

TFS is to charge €1 for the use of luggage trolleys. A date for the measure to be implemented is yet to be announced, but Tenerife’s south airport will join Madrid’s Barajas, where charging machines are already being installed. Aena says that it expects to save €3.2 million annually from the new trolley charge in Barajas alone, and that it will also be implementing the system in other  airports apart from Tenerife and Madrid-Barajas, namely Gran Canaria, Barcelona-El Prat, Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, and Alicante.



  1. Understandable in the current climate but such a pain when you arrive and don’t have a Euro coin ~ you don’t get them when you buy your Euros in UK. Such a lot of older people arrive at the airport, I worry they might also struggle with their bags for the same reason.

  2. They have already bumped up the bus fare on Titsa to and from the Airport by a Euro , they have cut the free waiting time in car park and now going to charge for a trolley!
    They certainly know how to milk the tourists now , nothing like biting the hand that feeds you!
    Maybe they´ll use some of the income for security around the airport to stop the bag thieves and pickpockets !

  3. Author

    To be fair, Titsa is responsible for bus fares, and Aena for the airports, and the police are responsible for security. It’s a case of not-joined-up policy … not too much surprise there, really.

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