AENA workers summer strikes called off

Update 24 March: The strike has been called off after 73% of workers approved the deal the Unions reached with Aena. The formal announcement will be made tomorrow.  PV

Update 16 March: Guarantees are perhaps not going to be needed after all, since a marathon 17 hours of talks resulted in a pre-accord between Aena and unions. The terms of the agreement have still to be voted on by the workers themselves, and there will be a range of meetings, and hopefully a conclusion, by the middle or end of next week. If workers vote in favour of the deal, the proposed strike on 22 key days this summer will be called off.  PV

Update 15 March: I’m inclined to take this with a pinch of salt, but if it’s true it’s really good news.

The President of the Gran Canarian Cabildo and Canarian Socialist Party candidate for President of the Canaries, José Miguel Pérez, has said that after meeting with national Government’s development minister José Blanco, he has full guarantees that Canarian air space will not be affected by the proposed Aena workers strike.

He wasn’t too forthcoming about the nature of these guarantees, merely repeating, when asked, that  everything will be arranged to function normally and avoid any problems in the Canaries. Sr Pérez said that dialogue was still the preferred means of reaching a solution that would actually prevent the strike action happening at all, but that the Dept of Development had given assurances that the Canaries would be safe from disruption if it did.  PV

Update 8 March: The strike dates have been announced, and legally-required notice given this lunchtime. The CCOO, UGT and USO have notified the Ministerio de Trabajo that they will be on strike for five dates in April, including three days in Easter week, another five days in May, three in June, six in July, and three  in August. Specifically, the dates are April 20, 21, 24, 25 and 30; May 2, 14, 15, 19 and 20; June 13, 23 and 30; July 1, 2, 3, 4, 15 and 31; and August 1, 15 and 31. PV

Update 6 March: After the first stoppage on Friday, they have decided to postpone the strikes called for Tuesday 8th and Friday 11th. They seem to be thinking up ways of promoting strike action in the face of arguments that there is now no way to stop the privatization they oppose. They are proposing to continue the stoppages, the next of which at present is set for Friday 18 march between 10am and midday. C24H

Update 4 March: The first national strike has been called for Good Thursday, 21 April, the first real getaway day for the Easter holidays. Meanwhile TFS workers are starting a series of two-hour strikes starting today. Further stoppages will be held on Tuesday 8 and Friday 11 March. The stoppages will be between 11am and 1pm.  PV

Original post 26 February: Thousands of AENA employees have been protesting today in Madrid against the privatization of the airport sector, and have announced a strike in all Spanish airports starting in Easter week and lasting throughout the summer.

Union leaders say that the the Government has had its chance to negotiate and the strike will now continue until it rescinds its plans to privatize the airports. They acknowledge that this is not a good time to strike, but insist that employees must fight for their jobs, and that the blame lies with the Goverment, not the workers.

Details will be forthcoming, no doubt, as to the precise disruptions this strike action is likely to cause. “Not a good time to strike” is something of an understatement, to say the least. Tenerife does not need this.  PV

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