Agoney is number one in Spain’s music charts with his first album

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

I imagine quite a few will remember my mentioning a young Adeje singer, Agoney Hernández, known just as Agoney, over recent years. He has gone from individual song slots in the town’s world-famous Easter passion play, the Good Friday Pasión, to taking part in Spain’s Operación Triunfo (like X Factor) in 2017, to being a candidate for Spain’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest … and now a pop star in his own right. And his trajectory continues with the news that his very first album, Libertad  (Freedom), has gone to number one in the Spanish music charts. He has a kind of George Michael vibe, to me. Clio and I have talked about him before on Radio Sur Adeje’s English Time, and in the CanaryCast podcasts. He is going places! And first stop is number one in the charts! Congratulations Agoney!

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