Agreement reached to search for Franco’s victims buried in mass graves

Agreement has been reached for a search of the Llano de Maja area of Las Cañadas del Teide, where it is thought a mass grave contains the remains of people assassinated during the dictatorship, including the last republican mayor of Santa Cruz. The La Orotava Ayuntamiento has been working with the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory and with the Teide National Park to determine which zones should be excavated and to discover any evidence of mass graves, as posted HERE back in July, and the search is now to begin.

Agreement has also been reached to conduct searches in the old cemetary of San Juan (La Laguna), where ten people are thought to have been shot, as well as in the masonic temple in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where a human leg bone was found during renovations. The search will be headed by specialists from the Federación Canaria de Espeleología (Canarian Caving/Pot-holing Federation), with which an agreement has also been reached. Official figures show only 68 documented firing-squad executions, but it is believed that many hundreds more were killed during the Franco regime at the margins of officialdom, and who were thrown en masse into pits. Any bodies located will be subjected to DNA analysis in La Laguna University to see if they can be identified.  Canarias24Horas

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