Al Campo galería finally gets nod for licence from Tenerife Cabildo

It looks as though the long-running saga over the legality of La Laguna’s Al Campo galería is coming to an end with the Tenerife President, no less, giving the nod to a licence for the formerly illegal extension. Amidst various sidelong glances and snide remarks about corruption, Ricardo Melchior has justified his approval by saying that the galería has existed for four years and has not had an adverse effect on small and medium-sized business. Many say that the Cabildo has just ridden roughshod over even the Canarian High Court, which has demanded the galería’s closure, but most, I suspect, will just be glad to have the issue finally resolved once and for all. The last stage will now be the approval of the Commerce Department of the Canarian Government itself, which is unlikely to overturn Melchior’s decision.  Canarias24Horas

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