Alcalá to have ring road to ease “saturation”

Guá de Isora Ayuntamiento has announced that Alcalá is to have a bypass to relieve traffic “saturation”. As a main trunk road, the works come within the remit of the Tenerife Cabildo, which has now given its commitment to the project. Guía de Isora mayor Pedro Martín said that the bypass was essential because the Alcalá bottleneck affected traffic on the road not just throughout Guía de Isora’s coastal towns, but through those of Santiago del Teide as well.

Cabildo roads councillor José Luis Delgado was in Alcalá on Tuesday to meet with the mayors of both municipalities, and confirmed the project for the bypass in the meeting. Councillor Delgado said that the bypass was even more necessary now since the forthcoming Fonsalia spur motorway will increase flow into Alcalá and without the new road, the traffic congestion in the town would be aggravated even further.

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  1. Great news that Alcala is to have a ring road. In what decade may we expect to see it completed?

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