Alcalá’s August Virgen de Candelaria fiesta, with the famous Toste Brothers fireworks

Update 4 August: The final programme has now been released. Just click on the images above to see full size.


Original post 21 July: Apart from being the patron saint of Tenerife and of the town of Candelaria itself, the Virgen de Candelaria is also the patron saint of Alcalá on the west coast. And so every August, during the town’s fiestas patronales, there is a fireworks display which has become known as the place to see fireworks in south Tenerife. The fireworks are organized by the Los Realejos Toste brothers, who have put on the exhibition now for over 80 years. The show normally starts at 10pm with a procession to the harbour carrying the venerated image of the Virgen, followed by the fireworks at midnight which always last for at least half an hour.

This year’s fiesta is 13-17 August, and as always, the main visual spectacle will be at midnight on the 15th, the whole day is a religious celebration, and events will start around 1pm with a flotilla of boats, one of which will be carrying the sacred statue, sailing in procession between Playa San Juan and Puerto de Santiago. They should return to Alcalá around 3.30pm. A crowd of thousands is expected to be there for the day, many of whom will sail later into the little bay in order to see the fireworks from the sea. The council always asks people to share cars, or get to the town by taxi or bus, to avoid traffic congestion as much as possible.

Above is a short video, not even three minutes long, which should give an idea of how incredible this firework display is!


  1. Author

    The fiesta is the second week of August, and the fireworks are on the final day (a Sunday). Last year, that was the 15th, but this year it’s the 17th, and that’s the date that shows in the council’s 2014 fiesta chart (link). No doubt they’ll issue some sort of reminder nearer the time, but for the moment, it’s the 17th.
    edit: I’ve asked the council, Marc, and they say that the official programme is still to be produced, but the dates they are working on at the moment are 13 to 17 August, 5 days, rather than the 7 normal … but still finishing on the 17th. They say there’ll be an official programme in due course. HOWEVER the famous firework display will indeed take place as traditional on the 15th at midnight, not the 17th as originally posted. I’ve edited the main post above so that anyone looking will see the correct information instantly.

  2. Hi Janet, are you sure that the fireworks are on the 17th of august?
    Normally it is on the 15 (night 15-16). Regards

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